2012 is here; so let it be a good one.

Some time back, I promised to show some images of what one could do with this empty Chicago Loft scene and a little bit of love. Here they are. They feature a wild mix of older and more recent furniture pieces, some of them done specifically for this scene, with the only lose link between them being a general mid-century feel (though some of the pieces are actually recent designs).

Hope you like them. You can see the full set of images here.

PS: The image with the Flag Halyard chair was done to test Vray’s new hair shader. I love it!

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  3. gudy herder says:

    i am an interior stylist and used to see and work with 3d images too but i have never ever seen such a quality before. it is beautiful and scary at the same time. you are not just very skilled in your technique but have great, great taste as well!!!

  4. BBB3VIZ says:

    Hi Marga. That’s right. All 3D. Feel free to post about the images on your (very nice) blog.

    Isaak: You need a black diffuse material and something like 50/70% reflectivity, with a yellow tint in this case. Nothing fancy at all!

  5. marga says:

    OMG is this done with 3D modeling? I thought it was a real photo, I would love to post about it in my blog. Please could you let me know if it is ok?
    Thanks, Marga

  6. Stunning scene!

    How do you make such wonderful metal material as in the plate with the macaroons (?) in the first scene, it is the best metal material I have ever seen :)

    Keep up the good work you are such a great inspiration!

  7. mohinder says:

    Beautiful renders!

    Do you know who is the designer or manufacturer of the sofa in the third rendered image? I would like to purchase something similiar for my flat :)


  8. alis says:

    May I post (crediting you of course) these images on my blog? I have just discovered your blog and almost fell off my chair when I read these are not photographs!

  9. kopchenuj says:

    I did not get to make a black carpet
    color when rendering turns black blue purple
    how to fight
    even if you choose a texture that spot is still there

  10. Glauco says:

    Hello Bertrand, congratulations for your last job, I still can not understand how can you have these textures so clean and crisp in your rendering YOU ARE A GREAT :-). Listen I wanted to ask you a question, I have to create a poster to advertise my activities for interiors, did you suggest some ideas of where to get ideas? Hello :-) Thanks Glauco

  11. Matvey says:

    Hello, Bertrand! Thank you for so inspiring works! Please, find time and answer one important question. As i saw in your Tribeca Loft scene at Evermotion forum you used linear multiply color correction and vray sun, multiplier 0,2. So, how do you manage to get this soft look in your renders and avoid burned out areas? Your scenes are well lit and no burnouts at all! Please, share your approach, it would help a lot! Best wishes!

  12. hassan jaber says:

    what a gr8 detailed work am looking in depth into this art piece windows dust. chocolate noise layers. Splotches on chairs . fur done.. everything looks just more than natural. Simply the best … all respect to a gr8 artist..

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