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Anyone who has dabbled in Archviz with a focus on interiors will have at some point come accross the work of Ditte Isager, the Danish-born and New York-based photographer. My bet is that even those of us who don’t suspect it owe at least some of their inspiration to her work, which is marked by straight lines, flat perspectives and reminiscences of classic still lives of the Dutch and Flemish old masters.

Here is an hommage to Ditte, inspired from her work on Stable Acre, a barn renovation by David Kohn Architects.

As usual, the modelling was done mainly in 3ds Max with a little help of Marvelous Designer, GrowFX and ZBrush.

Very grateful for any feedback. You can head over here to see more shots from this series.

à Ditte

à Ditte

à Ditte

à Ditte

à Ditte

à Ditte

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  1. pandora says:

    Hi Bertrand. Great job. I would like to ask you if you would share model house. I would love to try your own design, but I could not find good plans. Just only house model, no textures, accessories, lighting or any of your settings. Only the model house. I will be grateful for house plans I work in Cinema 4D
    Thank you =)

  2. cerocuadrado says:

    There’s the main problem I think…textures. I have always found a little bit hard to find good quality seamless textures of some fabrics. The solution I’ve always applied is make my own textures from scratch, but results aren’t good enough for all the effort.

    If you know any good library it would be nice to know wich they are and how to use them so we get such a fantastic results as yours…

    Thanks for all…best regards!!!!!

  3. BBB3VIZ says:

    Thanks for the kind comments, guys, and sorry for not dropping by earlier.

    Bacardi: For the bricks, I used a very heavily modified version of a CGTextures map, on which I traced the displacement by hands (very boring work that yields good results, however). The diffuse is just a plain grey colour that fades into a slightly dirtier map around the corners, using a VrayDistanceTex and a VrayDirt texture as mask.

    Shawn: I used an HDRI map (very overcast, it doesn’t even have to be HDR since very overcast skies don’t have a lot of dynamic range – you can use an LDR version) plugged into a Vray DomeLight. I also used some warmer lights for the interior lighting.

    cerocuadrado: Thanks. I will look into talking a bit more about fabrics and especially maps – which is a bit of a sore point since there are few good, high-quality fabric texture collections to go about. If you know any, please mention it here.

    Thanks, finally, to all of you who got in touch about work. It is much appreciated.

    Thanks of

  4. cerocuadrado says:

    Hi Bertrand!

    I’m following your website since I dicovered it from Peter Guthrie’s website and I fall in love with the attention you put on every little detail when I was analizing your balloon material (with all that fingerprints scattered around its surface).

    I’ve always been impressed by your fabrics and upholstery materials, so it would be great to have a chance to read a tutorial about how you made the cushions and blankets materials shown on this specific work.

    Thanks for all the things you do for the CG community with all the material and tutorials you share as well as your works that keeps inspiring most of us like no other artist…I’m convinced of trying to make my own rigged lamp model after seeing yours with the Marset lamp ^_^

    Best regards from spain…and sorry for my english!!!

  5. Mr big says:

    Great images Bertrand… The details are amazing… Now that the mistery about HDRI is clear you can say what HDRI is used for lighting these beautiful images?

  6. Peter says:

    Hi Bertrand,

    I´m an architect looking for a visual artist to do some visualisation work for me. Could you please give me your email address, than I would send you my enquiry.

    Thanks in advance,

  7. qwikpix says:

    Every time I come here I am blown away by your work and your attention to detail. For me, I’d consider you an inspiration – thanks for sharing your work with us :-)

  8. Nicolaas says:

    Hello Bertrand,

    Can you contact me for a 3D project?
    It’ll be a 700m² villa. We’ll do the study and 3D in max.
    You have your input in rendering, and bringing it to life.
    Do you do this kind of work or not.
    We are starting tomorrow on the project.

    Let me know if you are interested, and we can discuss about it.

    Greatings and great work!


  9. bacardi says:

    Fantastic work :) Just wanted to ask – what kind of texture was used for the bricks? Unless they were hand made? Cheers :D

  10. Absolutely spectacular.

    Only one thing struck me, and that was in the “bed-scene”, in the top, is that a window? Not to say anything bad about your renders, but it looks like a light plane just in front of the wall.

    But the awesomeness of the whole succumbs that little “thing”. Well done.

  11. ABDe3N says:

    man this is pretty awesome !!
    any lighting tips would be very appreciated..
    i’d die to know how to make light for my scenes just like urs

  12. Manuel_Ramos says:

    Hi Bertrand Benoit.
    Didn’t find your e-mail so this is the only way to contact you.
    I am a blender yafaray user and enthusiast.
    I have seen your blender v-ray renders and became astonished.
    I wish that yafaray could have such an enthusiast in order to have more quality users.
    Therefore I ask you if you could provide us with one of your vray blender scenes in order to show yafaray quality.
    If you are not comfortable in sharing your blend scene, can you play yourself with yafaray settings since it is a very small app?
    You can contact me by e-mail.
    Best regards,

  13. Hey Bertrand, brilliant my friend, as always. What techniques have you used to expose your camera for both the interior and the exterior so that neither is burnt out? Have you done it in post or have you used a small aperture with brighter than normal interior lights?

    Hope that makes sense! Thanks for the heads up about Ditte Isager too.

  14. Luk says:

    You have showing details composed perfectly! I adore patrzeć on your detail!

    I seem brick to me for very calcareous how for this project..Treat alone in me it is perfect! Will can her see in shop TS.?

    Tree near window went out so well how in your previous work, tree is impressive here! Simply excellent !
    You are great BBB3 :) , the all the time your works have a lot of freshness and deep analysis of every detail..
    I greet warmly.

  15. Bryce Mironuck says:

    Always extremely impressive! You’re always one of the masters of detail, which is exemplified in things such as the condensation around the window frames, your perfect bump values and reflectance maps – among other things. Also, I’m really digging the new chair you made for this project.

    Am I correcting in suggesting that your exterior shots are all geometry, besides the HDRI sky?

    You always have my utmost respect – truly one of the talented artists.

  16. BBB3VIZ says:

    Thanks Manu. The line is there as you said. On the more distant pics, it’s just achieved with displacement. There is one pic on Flickr, with just the small tree, where that line is painted in post.

  17. manu says:

    Insane. There’s this tiny little detail that’s driving me crazy, in a good way of course, like everything you do: where the floor and the brick wall meet, that irregular white paint line… Do my eyes deceive me (being as I see this so often in real architecture) or did you actually painted that imperfection when texturing the floor?

    Man, I keep wishing for some BBB3 tuts.

    Congrats, once again, great hommage. Love every part of it, flawless taste. I wish I could have a bite of that wonderful CG cake.

    Chapeau dear B.

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