Tolix Chairs and Stools (remastered)


Quite a while ago, I modelled the A and A56 chairs by Tolix and put them up on Turbosquid. They have since been among my best-sellers. Yet I couldn’t help feel like these old Blender models were, well, not really up to scratch, lacking fine details and generally showing their age.

So since I had to use these chairs for a recent project, I decided to remodel the lot in Max, add a few stools on top and create several custom materials as close as possible to the originals.

I ended up with five distinct models (A Chair, A56 Armchair, H45 Stool, H60 Bar Stool and H60PD Bar Stool) and seven custom materials (Brut Varnished, Candy Red, Perforated, Gunmetal, RAL Paint, Corrugated 1, Corrugated 2), with each model having their own hand-painted maps = 35 different models, all ready-to-render.

Instead of uploading the models to Turbosquid as a new file, I have updated the old Tolix product, which should mean that everyone who bought the old chairs can now download the new versions for free.

Here are two renders of the chairs in action, followed by, oh dear, an image of the old product.

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  1. BBB3VIZ says:

    Hi Milos. I used Vray for all renders in this post. Everything is 3D except the trees outside the windows, which are a background plate plugged into an emitting material which is itself mapped to a cylinder surrounding the scene.

  2. Milos says:

    Hello Bertrand!
    I am Milos and I have one question – may I know which rendering engine you used for the first particular render in this post?

    And also is the whole scene CG? or is just the Chair 3D and everything else is a photograph?

    In any case its one of the most realistic renders I’ve ever seen! Amazing job!!!

  3. BBB3VIZ says:

    the shadow is there but it is hard to see because the light is very diffuse and the parquet is quite dark. I used an hdr in the environment slot and light portals.before the windows (which is about the same as using a dome light).

  4. J3DSN says:

    Hi Bertrand, i’m confused about the shadows from the window in this render, why we don’t see the shadow of the window on the parquet floor? do you use a vray plane for the lighting or a dome light with hdri? please reply and sorry for my inglish! thank you…and….the renders are superb!

  5. BBB3VIZ says:

    Thanks. The floor is modelled and textured plank-by-plank. I’m mulling a short tut on that. Nothing particularly clever but maybe a few short-cuts that allows one to do this faster.
    And yes, I do reside in Teutonia.

  6. RSI says:

    Hi Bertrand, it’s a pleasure to see the mesh of your model, I notice also the floor that is very natural! Just want to know because I saw somewhere that your where living in germany, is that right?

  7. Lul says:

    I thought so, that you used MultiTexture , but I did not suspect from parquet floor of floor it is model :) cm came into being scale ? Mm?I would see willingly how so perfect floor comes into being – works over similar project Antique house from classic French under, and however floor the most problems inflict me :) I greet.

  8. Alain says:

    Very nice models and renderings as always ;-)

    The fact that you are using Max as your main tool confirms me that Blender will never be a tool for an economic, professional production pipeline.

    To bad that Blender will always lack of some nice, timesaving features that only Max has (Multiscatter, Floorgenerator, some modellingsmethodes, …).

    If you have time, if you are an idealist/ student/ hobbiest or what ever then Blender covers all your needs. Otherwise Max, by all its lacks it has as well, will be the better choice.

    Kind regards

  9. BBB3VIZ says:

    Hi Nuno,
    I tend to use Magic Bullet Photolooks quite a lot. It’s great in that it can do pretty much anything anyone would ever need in 32bits.

  10. BBB3VIZ says:

    Hi Luk,
    Thanks for the kind words. The floor is actually modelled – every single plank. I used the MultiTexture plugin and random mat IDs to apply a different texture to each plank. The planks come from photos I made from an antique parquet in France. This means the floor will also work nicely for close-ups, and it will not tile visibly over larger distances. I can’t really put it up for sale because the geometry would have to be custom-modelled for specific interior configurations. But I could perhaps release the textures and write a tutorial for it.

  11. Luk. says:

    Very good model I – look through your models regularly, and I have already in my collection steam arts of your models :). Good chair, but floor map how and the material of floor is not Perfect, I for model of chair would let 4 + for floor 10 :) can I buy somewhere.? I am very good material interesting how he was put, it is excellent !
    I greet.

  12. Nuno says:

    That would be so cool :) 1 interested here!

    What kind of post production tools do you regularly use Bertrand? if you don’t mind telling :)


  13. BBB3VIZ says:

    hi, thaks for dropping by. the scene is not included in this archive, but I will put some scenes up for sale if there is enough interest. this one would need to be polished a bit, though, before I can offer it. i haven’t modelled anything outside the camera’s field of view. I would also need to make sure that it is using no third-party assets, such as commercial textures or hdri (I’m 99 percent sure this one doesn’t).

  14. Nuno says:

    You’re the man! Stunning as usual Bertrand :)

    I was wondering if you will sell the scene where the chair is at. Where can i get that floor? It’s stunning! I’ve bought several of your models but that scene would be awesome! Light settings, mood, everything’s great!

    Thank you soo much for inspiring us everyday ;)

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