Hats off to Peter


It’s been a long time coming, but the excellent Peter Guthrie has now published the final images for his snowy rendition of the “Twins” house by William O’Brien Jr. and, unsurprisingly, it is a show-stopper. These are for me among the very best images Peter has produced to date. They make for yet another stunning demonstration of Peter’s skills and, in particular, his unmatched command of lighting and mood. Only a CG artist who is also a professional photographer in his own right could come up with those. As is often the case, I feel compelled, having seen this and read Peter’s account, to fire up my own computer and try a few things I wish I had thought of first. For instance, and this is just a footnote, I’m stunned by what Peter managed to get out of Vray’s built-in lens effects, which never quite worked for me. Got to give it another try now. Click on the image below to read Peter’s short making-of on his blog, which also includes links to valuable resources and assets.

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  1. Thomas says:

    You have definitely right, Bertrand. This work is really stunning, epsecially for the mood and lighting that Peter was able to repcroduce. What a great use of snowflow plugin!

    He is a great artist, and the fact that he usually make a making-of is another point for him.


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