Just a quick note to let you know that I’ve been selected to appear in Exposé 9 by Ballistic Publishing, which goes on sale today. This is great news, of course, and I’m very excited about receiving my copy.  The Ballistic books were among the first I picked up upon entering the CG arena – appearing in one of them was always a long term aspiration. This, incidentally, will be the biggest Exposé ever, with 444 images.

On a different note, I can now announce that the making of the Tribeca Loft series has been published in the June issue of 3D Creative, which is out now. Needless to say I’m very grateful for the opportunity to use this great platform for the making-of. Click on the cover below to visit the 3DCreative store.

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  1. Arkin Esref says:

    Hi Bertrand, I dont think you short-changed anyone…

    I felt your tutorial explained so much into the insight of your work flow… I cant believe how much detail you put into your textures…rather than just unwrapping and texturing you rather composite dirt layers on to your surfaces.. I see how adding different textures into reflections and glosiness can create more variation and also adding noise…

    one thing I would like to learn more about is your method of texturing using vertex shading.. how you created those effects on the chamfered edges where it seems more reflective?

  2. BBB3VIZ says:

    Hi Mohinder,
    Sorry you feel a little short-changed. I decided to focus the making-of on details I had not yet explained here or in the various forums. You will find all the light, camera and render settings here

  3. mohinder says:

    Nice article in 3d Creative but i’m non the wiser about the render setting you used for this image. Would you mind sharing them here? Also did you use any lights in addition to the HDRI? And did you use a vray physical camera. Do you use a linear workflow?

    Hope i’m not being to intrusive with my questioning but I feel a little cheated having bought the magazine I was expecting a little more depth!

  4. Bazooka says:

    My point is that this awards is related to architecture field so even if they choose from abstract artworks it should be related to architecture as well,

    I like for sure the paris roof image, and i like also jonathen images and i would accept that its a bit architecture related images, but for the others i didnt felt it belongs to these awards.

    what i really liked is the movie of amesterdam it was really creative and for sure the one of the art museam for tiany zhu.

    Anway good luck for all of us another year,
    I had sent u a private message in evermotion inquiring about small thing just kindly check it out i would really appreciate your reply

    Best regards

  5. BBB3VIZ says:

    Hey Bazooka,
    Actually, I really like this year’s nominees. The images are very striking. The competition has a slightly different feel every year. Last year was definitely about photorealism and Jeff was criticised on the forums for this. So perhaps there is an effort this year to look at more abstract types of illustrations. But even if you are drawn to photorealism, you must agree that the Paris roof-terrace picture is pretty cool.

  6. Bazooka says:

    I actually expected the main shot of this project or one of the shots from the Bauhaus dessa to be in the nominees for this year CG Awards, its really a deserved spot

    But it went completly in a strange direction this year for the image category, i was shocked as it was completly different and i felt its not A cg architecural award but something else.

    I would love to hear your thoughts about that

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