Vray Balloon – Free material

When I posted a series of images featuring some Hans Wegner furniture recently, some people asked about the props and, in particular, the material used for the balloon on the floor.

This is a mundane object, but the material in question turns out to be rather complex. As you can see in the Nodejoe screenshot below, it includes two Vray Materials with different glossiness values nested into a VrayBlendMat, which is itself plugged into a Vray2Sided mat. Bitmaps and falloff maps are used to control both the glossiness and the opacity (different from the translucency). Though slightly complex, the material is versatile as there is only one VrayColor map controlling the entire cascade for the diffuse slot. Tweak this and you get yourself a different coloured balloons.

Rather than do a tut on this, I thought I’d provide the 3ds Max file for anyone interested to have a look. The file, including the geometry, the shaders and the required maps can be downloaded from my TS store here. Feel free to grab it and have fun with it.


  1. midos wrote:

    please help me! i can ‘t download filr from turbosquid… may you send it to my mail? Really need material

  2. Gilman wrote:

    Hi, I was looking for good balloon mat, and your just looks great!! The thing is that I’m using maya. can anyone make this shader for maya??? I will really appreciate that. thank you

  3. Vadim wrote:

    So nice material ! Thank you !

  4. BBB3VIZ wrote:

    Hi Dean. Thanks for the interest.
    First thing is if you just started with version 9, you got a big amount of catching up to do.
    Now seriously, if you tick the “affect shadows” option in the refraction section of the material, it should do the trick.

  5. Hi really enjoyed reading your article and was wondering I m new to 3ds max (version 9) and i cant find how to make light pass though vray glass objects?

  6. BBB3VIZ wrote:

    Dear Jason,
    Thanks a lot for dropping by. This illustration is quite old by now and I would probably do it slightly differently today. But I’m glad you liked it. It does work well with the theme of the books. Thanks for the link on your blog.

  7. Dear Bertrand, I was very happily surprised to find out that you created the artwork for a collection of scholarly essays that I edited with my colleagues Masood Raja and Swaralipi Nandi. Our book, The Postnational Fantasy, was published by McFarland. I searched for you online, and I ran across your website. I also posted about your artwork on my blog that I have linked above. Many thanks for your artwork, which I consider strongly connected with the essays in our book. Best of luck with your other work! -Jason

  8. BBB3VIZ wrote:

    Thanks a lot. Yes, definitely. I don’t have enough people in my renders.

  9. VizPeople wrote:

    Great stuff. I laike You work very much. If You are interested in getting free viz-people stuff please let me knew.

  10. Laur wrote:

    Hi Bertnard,

    I would like to ask u some advices about some render settings . It;s kind of urgent. I have a deadline tomorrow at 8 am and my renders show me that will end in 60 hours. I have no solutions and it’s kind of weird what i;m asking because u don;t know me at all. Is there any chance help me with some renders ….one or two at a resolution of 1200x 960 -1024 . All the weekend i;ve searched for a solution but i’ve reached at a point whith no turning back. here are some of my work :http://laurentiu-stanciu-arhitectura.blogspot.com/. May i send u the scene or if u have any other advice for me to finish my project.? Thank you very much and have a good evening .

  11. Edgar Hermosillo / Ayudante de Santa wrote:

    Thanks great Material…!!!! =)

  12. czhsunboy wrote:

    HI.SO good the balloon

  13. aura_hahahehe wrote:

    thank you BB. very nice shader and tutorial thank youuuu ;) )

  14. BBB3VIZ wrote:

    It was done in 2011 but saved in the 2010 format. Which is why you can’t open it in 2009.

  15. dollielynz wrote:

    oh i see :( Okay thanks. but i think the material was using 2011max ?

  16. clofgreen wrote:

    It is always such a pleasure to belong to a community where the people are so willing to share. And your work is an inspiration to all. C

  17. BBB3VIZ wrote:

    I could, but there wouldn’t be much point as you would not get the material, just the geometry. The idea was to share the material. The geometry in itself is nothing special at all.

  18. dollielynz wrote:

    hi, I try to download it . But I’m using 2009 max :( cant open the file . is it possible for you to make it as 3ds file ?
    thanks before.

  19. Amr Abdeen wrote:

    thnx for the share, man
    u always surprise me and everyone else

    - ABDeeN

  20. Javier Pintor wrote:

    Thank you! a great looking shader to the library :-)

  21. Alfa Smyrna wrote:

    Thank you. This looks very nice =)

  22. BBB3VIZ wrote:

    Thanks for dropping by, guys. Yes, I’m planning to upgrade as soon as I can. It will take some time before I can use it properly though, as we wait for the plugins to be updated.

  23. manu wrote:

    Beautiful Bertrand, thank you so much for your generosity (file & screenshot).

    Just out of curiosity, are you planning on updating to the soon to be released Max 2012? Any thoughts?

  24. Meling wrote:

    wooooow master, thank you so much to share with us!!! the material is really pretty. Congrats Again

  25. BBB3VIZ wrote:

    Sure, no problem. Hope you can find a use for it.

  26. Toni Fresnedo wrote:

    Bertrand thank you very much, great Material!

  27. My bad… Did not see there is an additional file, separated from the max file.

  28. BBB3VIZ wrote:

    No problems, guys. Hey Ronen, there should be a separate texture archive. Did you check it out?
    EDIT: Wow, thanks for the great plug, by the way.

  29. Hey B. Thanks… but the file comes without all the bitmaps. Thought you should know :-)

  30. Aurelalto wrote:

    Merci beaucoup Bertrand !!!
    C’est un super cadeau !
    J’ai essayé de mon coté d’en faire de même mais sans super résultats hélas, même ma mod était pas super !! ;(
    Merci !!^^

  31. BBB3VIZ wrote:

    You’re welcome, Pier Giacomo. I’m sure it could be done in a simpler way.

  32. pier giacomo wrote:

    Thank’s a lot to share it Bertrand
    I was waiting for this…:))
    amazing shader i thought was simpler then this….

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