Casa Ponce


I’ve long had a soft spot for South-American architecture (if that means anything), especially for the work of Chilean architect Mathias Klotz.

This series of images show 3d renders of his 2003 Ponce House, in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Software used: 3ds Max 2010, VrayScatter, and Vray 1.5 sp4a. I tried to stay faithful to the original but had to take some liberties owing to the lack of reference material for some aspects of the house. Ironically, I came across a very nice set of references shortly after finishing the project and realised I had been wrong in some places.

Like all non-commercial projects of mine, this one took me quite a while to finish, working only in my spare time. The final images (about 3,000 pixel wide) took about a week in total to render because of the high poly count, high-ish resolution and settings. Individual render times ranged from 5 to 12 hours on eight cores. There’s a tiny bit of post-prod but less than I would normally use.

The assets are all mine except the Macbook (free Turbosquid model) and the B&B garden furniture, which was downloaded from the company’s site (I originally wanted to model these, but the manufacturer’s 3d files were so good I didn’t see the point), and some of the bigger trees.

The images below are just a short selection. Click on them for the full series.

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  1. FGQ89 says:

    It’s for my history class; I have to do some research of mathias klotz and of the ponce house, nothing to serious, just form analysis and some of the strategies he uses to design… I’m trying to make the 3d model for the presentation, because it’s easier to show the house this way, but I’m having trouble scaling the blue prints.

  2. BBB3VIZ says:

    Thanks Fabs, I’ll see if I can extract a reasonably size mesh out of the scene and send it to you. I’ll email you if I come up with anything. Can you tell a bit more about your research? You made me curious.

  3. FGQ89 says:

    hi BB3VIZ,

    Amazing work, I am doing some research on this house on particular, and I was wondering if you could share with me the CAD file you made of this, it would mean allot…

  4. BBB3VIZ says:

    Hi Girish,
    Thanks for the kind words. No, I didn’t get the CAD file for this, but I did have some simple plans from a book I have. That helped get the general proportions right.

  5. Girish says:

    Truly wonderful work mate. Visit on your website after long long time.

    Out of curiosity, did you get the CAD file for this.

  6. Uchimata says:

    Man, amazing please post a tutorial this your lighting is great real amazing man amazing

  7. Ramon says:

    Nice man! thank you for responding, a tutorial would be nice on a scene like this. Me encantaria algunas de tus plantas gratis :)

  8. BBB3VIZ says:

    Hi Ramon. A lot of the plants I did myself back in my old Blender days. I also have a reasonable library of free plants, all heavily re-engineered. For the bigger, more intricate trees, I tend to use an Evermotion collection (I think it’s #52) and some Xfrog trees. I also have Onyx Broadleaf and I’m very much looking forward to my copy of GrowFX. I was thinking of doing a post sometime that would compare some of the available solutions.

  9. BBB3VIZ says:

    Hi there. The settings vary for each image. As a rule, I use Adaptive DMC, DMC subdivs of anywhere between 20 and 60, noise threshold of 0.01 to 0.005. GI: Either BF+LC or IM+LC depending on the situation. I use a linear workflow and render to 32-bit .exr.

  10. BBB3VIZ says:

    Hi Duje,
    This is just a glass material with a fog colour and some refraction glossiness. You just need to play with the glossiness setting. It’s pretty slow to render and it needs high subdivisions or high AA settings in order to become noise-free, but it’s still faster and better than SSS.

  11. Duje says:

    Amazing renders! Impressive.

    The green blurry glass looks very natural. I tried to recreate it by images that are placed on evermotionu, but i failed. Can you please say a little more in detail about it.

  12. BBB3VIZ says:

    Well, I wish I could say this was always the case. Clearly, most clients do not have the luxury to wait for months for an image. Sometimes, it is also simply a matter of cost, when one has to work within the confines of a limited budget, only so much is possible. I do my best, though…

  13. Well… keep on doing this personal works of yours, since I find it very motivating and inspiring!

    This is surly improving your skills and quality of visualization… but, do you manage to transfer it all to actual works for clients? I ask this since I know how much efforts it takes to get this kind of result and I also know how many changes and revision there are in client work with short spans of time to actually work on (and the clients do not really fully understand what it takes to hand them such images… they just want it fast… fast… fast…)

    Did you find the magic formula?

  14. BBB3VIZ says:

    Thanks a lot for dropping by, guys.

    It’s not easy to find the time and the painful answer is that doing scenes like these stretches over several months. At least personal work means there’s no deadline.

  15. Bertrand, you never cease to amaze me!!! this is brilliant work you show us here. I’m truly inspired by this… were do you find the time to get into all this little details and model it all solo!

  16. Ivo Sucur says:

    Huuuh absolutely fantastic my friend!! Impressive work man, i think i didn’t see so much foliage in your previous portfolio works.

    Seems to me that one word can describe you in a extremely positive and motivating way: WORKAHOLIC! Congrats Bertrand!

    Nice HDRI’s & backplates by the way! ;)


  17. Vuk Djordjevic says:

    thnx a bunch man for the feedback! I hope you get the best of ever award you kinda deserve it after all this work you’v done latly! GL…

  18. BBB3VIZ says:

    Hi Vuk, thanks a lot for your comment.

    I used some very high-res HDR maps (15,000 pixel wide) done for me by a photographer friend. I used them both for illumination and for the backplates. So it’s just one map for lighting, environment and reflection. In addition, some of the images include a sun light too, and there are a lot of helper lights for the interiors, which were the most challenging to render.

    (I have now made an Evermotion thread, ;-)

  19. Vuk Djordjevic says:

    Ah yes forgot to say why did you not post this on evermotion forum this is so best of evermotion stuff! :)

  20. Vuk Djordjevic says:

    This look like real images the quality is incredible! What kind of lighting did you use? hdri? The vegetation looks soo real… Gj rly!

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